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Are you feeling overwhelmed with life's challenges? Do you find yourself struggling to bounce back after facing adversity? If so, you're not alone. Life can throw unexpected curveballs that leave us feeling helpless and defeated. But what if I told you that you have the power to build your resiliency muscle and overcome any obstacle that comes your way?

Introducing "21 Days and 21 Ways to Build Your Resiliency Muscle", a book and course designed to help you strengthen your resilience muscle and navigate life's challenges with ease. But first, let's break it down.

In my blog post, I've shared my personal experiences of how life's curveballs can hit hard. As readers, you may be able to relate to some of the challenges I've faced, and therefore, this program may grab your attention as it offers a solution to building your resilience.

If you're reading this post, it's likely that you've faced challenges that have left you feeling vulnerable and defeated. But what if I told you that you have the power to build your resiliency muscle? By investing just 21 days into this program, you'll be able to strengthen your resilience and bounce back from any adversity that comes your way.

By now, you may be interested in the program, but you may be wondering how it can benefit you. Well, imagine feeling confident in your ability to face any challenge that comes your way. With the tools and techniques provided in this program, you'll be able to build your resilience muscle and tackle any obstacle that comes your way.

If you're ready to invest in yourself and build your resiliency muscle, then take action now and sign up for "21 Days and 21 Ways to Build Your Resiliency Muscle." This program is designed to guide you through the process of building your resilience and navigating life's challenges with greater ease.

In conclusion, life is unpredictable and can throw unexpected curveballs, leaving us feeling helpless and defeated. However, with the right tools and techniques, we can build our resiliency muscle and overcome any obstacle that comes our way. If you're ready to take the first step towards building your resiliency muscle, then sign up for "21 Days and 21 Ways to Build Your Resiliency Muscle."

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21… I remember turning 21 like it was yesterday.  So much hope, (fill in the rest)

21; the age that I began working in an industry that I love.

21; the age my oldest son was when he finally began to enter remission from cancer.

21; the age my middle son  joined the army.

21; the amount of years I was married before a much needed divorce.   

21; the age that my sister’s 14 year battle with addiction began.  I remember going to her 21st birthday and meeting her then boyfriend, who was the catalyst to her sinking into a cycle of addiction.  Tragically, she passed away unexpectedly in 2019, leaving behind a 1 year old baby girl.

21;the amount of years I built a career with a company that I loved before I was laid off during a global pandemic.

2021… the year I took the leap to embrace entrepreneurship, independence and the unknown to go “all-in”, after experiencing great loss and major life changes during a 6 year period; any one of them alone being enough to send a person into a downward spiral and curled up into the fetal position.

Resilience…was I born with it?  Maybe a little?

Moreso, it was forged from the fire.  Baptism by fire.  Because life happens, unexpectedly.  And no amount of planning or perfectionism can protect you from the great curveballs of fire that life hurls at you.   

What have I learned?  SO much.  If you can relate, I’d love to connect with you.

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Take part in the RPM Careers Week challenges for the chance to win amazing prizes. Learn more about the week’s challenges on the challenges page, and stay up to date on the planned festivities through the spirit calendar. Looking for more ways to celebrate? Check out the celebrations flyer, which includes even more ideas for you and your teams.


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