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Eye-Opening Leadership Statistics Today’s Companies Are Faced With

Only 10% of People Have Natural Leadership Talent

While it’s common to assume that anyone can be a leader, given the opportunity, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Overall, just 10% of people have a natural talent for managing others, allowing them to effectively engage with team members, boost retention, and bolster productivity with relative ease. Another 20% of people do have some leadership talent. The good news is, with proper coaching and training, those individuals could become capable leaders of people.

[Source: Gallup]

Only 22% of Employees Strongly Believe Company Leaders Have a Clear Direction for the Company

Without leaders having a clear direction for the company, organizations may struggle to act in a cohesive manner, hindering success. While this is often considered widely known, only 22% of employees strongly believe that the leaders in their organization have a clear direction for their company.

[Source: Gallup]

A Mere 35% of Managers Feel Engaged at Work

Engagement is crucial for professional success. However, while the impact of an employee not being engaged is problematic, the situation can be worse when leaders aren’t fully engaged.

Overall, just 35% of managers feel engaged at work. Of the rest, 51% are simply not engaged, with 14% consider themselves actively disengaged.

[Source: Gallup]

Companies Choose the Wrong Candidate for Management Positions 82% of the Time

Having capable managers in place is a must for a company’s success. However, when it comes to choosing a manager among the available candidates, businesses seem to miss the mark.

Overall, 82% of companies select a candidate that doesn’t have the right people and leadership skills or talent necessary to fulfill the needs of the role, a move that can lead to lower engagement, higher turnover, poor productivity, and other adverse outcomes.

[Source: Gallup]

These statistics may or may not be surprising to you, given the Great Resignation. What are you going to do about it? This is where SPH Services comes in. ⬇️

With effective leadership assessments, we can help you pinpoint the strengths, specific areas, and opportunities for improvement for each leader on your team, at every level of the organization. This, combined with layered, and laser-focused leadership training, coaching and consulting, we will put a customized plan in place to put you and your team in a position of strength and powered with the right tools for success.

Contact me today to get game-changing clarity tomorrow!

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