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MINDSET MONDAY: Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover. Can We Learn from Even the Most Polarizing?

I’ll be honest… when this young rapper first showed up on stage at Mega Success, I was thinking “why is he here at a business conference and what am I going to learn?”

As he was interviewed by Fred Fishback and shared his story, the sheer determination and grit this young man had to make it, despite what could have been insurmountable odds for many, was pretty incredible!

Fast forward, he continues to get media attention, albeit negative. Is it his polarizing appearance or his polarizing lyrics? I’m not sure. Probably a combination.

While I can’t say I’m a fan of either, it does beg the question, “what is the lesson in this?” For me, the key takeaways are to have laser-focused determination and grit when focused on your business goals and ignorning the naysayers. If he can do it and still experience success in his arena, so can we.

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