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Why Hire A Leadership Coach?

Friday Facts:

Are you struggling to lead your team effectively? Nearly 80% of companies report a leadership development gap.

An organization’s success depends on the effectiveness of its leadership. Yet, only 5% of organizations have fully implemented leadership development programs at all levels.

Statistics on leadership development and the existing development gap are somewhat contradictory. Even though a total of 83% of organizations acknowledge the importance of enabling leadership development at all levels, and an additional 43% say their top priority is to close these gaps, only 5% have gone through the trouble of acting on it.

Leadership development statistics show that only 10% of CEOs trust the effects of such programs.

A recent survey of 500 executives indicates the majority of CEOs believe they are inefficiently spending valuable company resources on leadership development programs because barely one in 10 believes in them. This could be related to the fact that executives are too far up the ladder and do not directly feel the benefits L&D programs can bring to an organization or succession planning.

Hiring a leadership coach can help you unlock the potential of your team and improve communication, decision-making, and productivity.

Only 26% of managers believe they should focus on the growth and development of their employees.

The most universal of all facts and statistics about leadership is the one that all senior employees struggle with: having to juggle between their everyday responsibilities, their teams, and other assignments.

For 37% of managers, the greatest challenge and goal is to set the course of their team and make sure they follow it so the company can reach the goals set. The percentage of superiors who believe the growth and development of their employees should be their highest priority is low at 26%.

With a personalized leadership development framework and targeted coaching, you and your leadership team can set your organization up for success, develop new skills and strategies to overcome obstacles, motivate your team, and achieve your goals.

Leadership training and development boosts leader behavior by almost 30%.

Leadership training statistics show that team members who have undergone training to enhance their leadership skills exhibit 28% build-up in key leadership skills, 25% increase in learning techniques, and 20% improvement in job performance. What this means is that this type of training and development, in addition to focusing on leadership skills, helps employees improve their performance in the workplace.

Book a discovery call with me today and start transforming your leadership. Your team will thank you for it!

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