Stephanie Puryear Helling - Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

Transformational Leadership - Change Management Strategies - Team Resilience

Effective change comes from strategy, action and fast implementation. 

The goal of transformational leadership is to bring new ideas and possibilities into reality.  The goal of change management is to improve business outcomes by changing the way work is done, and to minimize the impact of change on the daily operations of the team.

When you take a close look at transformational leadership vs. change management, you can see that transformation is really about a shift in culture, while change is about a shift in the approach to work.

Changing and transforming an organization is never easy, which is where we come in.  Partnering with an experienced leadership coaching and consulting expert can be the quickest way for leaders and managers to manage complexity and improve their communication, collaboration, and leadership skills for effective change and better results for the future. 

Reach out today to discuss your goals for the future, and we will help you develop a strategy that will ensure you get there.