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MINDSET MONDAY: Why Everyone Needs A Coach


Who else needs a coach? I know I do.

Enlisting the assistance of an expert is one way you can push through the obstacles on the way to achieving your dreams. I’ve learned that it is NOT a sign of weakness to seek this kind of expert help, but rather a sign of #strength to recognize an area where you and/or your team needs help, enlist assistance, and move toward it. I’d like to share with you how a coach can be helpful in reaching your #goals faster.

Friday was spent learning from billionaire, Fred Fishback and multi-millionaire, JT Foxx.

Fred is a Psychometrician who revolutionized the the world of testing. Fred created the very first computerized testing system. His first deal resulted in a sale of 100,000 floppy discs netting him $3,420,000! Then, he went onto to help millions of people by and solving big problems.

JT is the worlds number one wealth and business coach, making his first million in his early twenties.

We all need a #coach and to have this world class group as my coaches and mentors is a #gamechanger and a blessing.

After #investing a week with JT and Francie Baldwin in the marketing and branding lab and studio, and then in a mastermind with Fred and JT, I’m back and ready to be your coach and take you to the next level.

#Mastermind with Fred and JT coming soon.

Just like in professional sports, #corporate #leaders can get a boost and be even better with focused time devoted to their craft with executive coaching.

Coaching can be the quickest way for leaders and managers to manage complexity and improve their communication, collaboration, and #leadershipskills for the future.

Why Hire a Coach:

Coaching works. You will be a better leader. Here is what research tells us (Psychology Today):

1. Ninety-eight percent of coaching clients said their coach "provided practical, realistic, and immediately usable input" and helped them "identify specific behaviors that would help me achieve my goals." (Center for Creative Leadership study, 2016)

2. Strengths are maximized, and research has shown that 66 percent of those receiving effective coaching report a positive impact on their performance and job satisfaction. (BlessingWhite Consulting, 2015)

3. Nearly two‐thirds who received coaching said it had a significant impact on their performance and job satisfaction. (BlessingWhite Consulting, 2015)

4. 88 percent of managers said coaching helps them achieve their goals. (BlessingWhite Consulting, 2015)

5. A 2013 study by Anthony Grant found that executives who received coaching experienced effects that transferred over into the executives' family life, including heightened work-life balance and improved relationships with family members.

6. All signs indicate that executive coaching is a sound investment. Studies report an impressive ROI of 500-800 percent. A study conducted by MetrixGlobal LLC, for example, reported an ROI of 689 percent associated with executive coaching (and this finding accounted for the entire cost of coaching, including the opportunity costs associated with the time leaders spent not on the job in coaching sessions).

7. Citing similar results, the International Coach Federation (ICF) has presented a body of research demonstrating that coaching tends to generate an ROI of between $4 and $8 for every dollar invested. (Greiner, 2018)

Get a coach, skip the learning curve, and let’s work #together!

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