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THOUGHT LEADER THURSDAY: Perseverance and Resiliency During Hard Times Are Keys to Success 💯🎯🥇

#BrunySurin is convinced and is living proof that his message of perseverance during hard times along with setting and managing goals are instrumental keys towards success. #BrunySurin: Olympic Champion, Canadian Track & Field Legend and entrepreneur.

Bruny’s many accomplishments:

● Inducted to the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame

● Has captured a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Atlanta.

● 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal, 1 bronze medal at World Championships

● 2 gold medals at the World Indoor Championships

● Broke the 10 second barrier in the 100 meter on repeated occasions

The Bruny Surin Foundation:

● Provides scholarships to support young people financially;

● Provides sport-scholarships to financially support young student-athletes by allowing them to excel

in their discipline while successfully completing their studies;

● Conducts awareness-raising and preventive education campaigns for young people;

● Organizes charity events to raise funds and support the Foundation’s mission;

● Inspires sponsors and donors to contribute to the success of the Bruny Surin Foundation’s mission.

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