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MINDSET MONDAY: Who You Surround Yourself With Determines Your Success 💯🎯

MINDSET MONDAY: Where You Learn Is Where You Earn, and Who You Surround Yourself With Determines Your Success. 💯🎯

I spent the weekend in Dallas at the “Double Down” business building event with JT Foxx and #HughHilton. I’m thankful for the opportunity to continue to learn from these two powerhouse business men and to be coached by them. Yesterday morning’s private breakfast with Hugh Hilton for some of our Founders JT Foxx Global Students was such a treat! Thankful for JT Foxx and Francie Baldwin for providing this amazing opportunity! So many nuggets of knowledge gained and pages of notes 📝 taken with key action items to implement in my business. The weekend was a great reminder that the path to continued success is to double down on relationships, and continue to have a mindset and take actions that include Perseverance, Persistence, Curiosity and Creativity. Until the next one! 🙌🏼

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